Web3 is here, and it’s time to get on-board. Start building your Web3 team today.

Web3 developer teams form the backbone of any truly decentralized “trustless” project. M3TASERVE takes all the hassle out of finding great talent.

Build your all-star Web3 team
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Introducing M3TASERVE

We know that hiring top-notch Web3 talent isn't easy - but it should be!

M3TASERVE is a web3 tech accelerator that helps Web2 developers to transition into Web3. With our unique curriculum and program, we are working to solve the developer shortage by creating a pipeline of new talent for emerging blockchain projects. We want to see developers and emerging web3 companies reach their full potential by joining forces.

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Preparing tech teams for the Web3 revolution

We hand you top-notch Web3 developers

If you're ready to make the leap into the Metaverse or blockchain space, we've got your back. Our web3 developers have experience in real world challenges and can help get your project off the ground with minimal risk and maximum returns.

We build your tailor-made tech team to help you get ahead in the Web3 game

We are a team of experienced developers, designers, and project managers who can help you build your own tailored web3 tech team. Build your remote software engineering team in any tech stack. Our talent pool of senior web3 software developers are pre-screened across 100+ skills.

We accelerate your Web3 or metaverse project

We help you to define your strategy, define the right technology stack for your project and manage its implementation. We offer strategic advisory services that will help you navigate the landscape of this new and exciting industry. Our team has experience in working with both start-ups and established companies, so we understand what it takes to make your vision a reality.

Being part of our partner network comes with lots of perks

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Top-notch Web3 developers

Rigorously vetted for technical and soft skills. Expertly hand-picked for your needs.

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Get your shortlist within few days and hire in weeks, not months.

team collaboration


Change your hire if you're not satisfied within the first month.

How to get started with M3TASERVE today?

Get in touch and give us your requirements

We match you with the best developers

Meet your candidates and pick your favorite

Start developing or Start hiring

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