We build and scale Web3 developer teams
to power the businesses of tomorrow

M3TASERVE is a Web3 tech accelerator that trains Web2 developers to become Web3-native and connects them with the enterprises that will lead the next digital revolution.

Our mission

Great talent is everywhere - and we’re here to match this talent with great organizations looking for their skills.

M3TASERVE is a Web3 tech accelerator that takes the friction out of both sides of the hiring equation. We help Web2 developers prepare for and find Web3 opportunities, and simplify the process for organizations hiring great talent remotely.

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Scarcity of programmers stands in the way of Web3 growth.
M3TASERVE is here to solve this

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High quality curriculum

M3TASERVE offers aspiring Web3 engineers with the best training and support to uplevel their skills and career.

team collaboration

Talent matching

At M3TASERVE we only match the best-fitting candidates with our partner partner. We analyze our partner’s needs and lay down the foundations of a great web3 team.


Tech accelerator

Not only we build your Web3 tech team, we believe in providing you with a holistic approach and strategic advisory to accelerate your Web3 project.



Every candidate on M3TASERVE goes through a rigorous training and vetting for technical and soft skills. Only the best candidates that excel in the training and vetting process are eligible to be presented to our partner network.

We make learning Web3 skills straightforward for aspiring devs

Our courses help aspiring web3 devs to go deep on the foundations of trustless applications from experienced instructors. Our courses are free and they quickly level up your developer skills.

Courses usually come with assignments, so you can immediately start putting your new skills to use. They also have active support where you can ask questions and get feedback from our experts.


We give developers our best so they can give you theirs

Using M3taserve, developers have access to best-in-class training and support crafted by our Web3 developers itself so they can produce their best work for you.

Our devs are trained in solving real word challenges with decentralized technology to help with your long term Web3 strategy, no matter the vision, the tech stack or the industry you’re in.


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